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Reasons to Convert Word Document to PDF

गुरुवार, जून 17, 2021

Microsoft Word is among the most famous document formats that you can use to create new documents. It is true that this format is famous and has its pros. The most loyal and old customers tend to convert word files to PDF before sharing them, and this is because of multiple reasons.

Here in this post, we will tell you about the most common reasons for Word to PDF conversion. You would also get to know about the multiple ways you can use Word to PDF conversion.

Why should you convert word documents to PDF?

If you are wondering whether you should convert Word to PDF or not, then we would recommend you to read this section in detail:

  1. MS word files do not keep their format!

The biggest con of word files and converting Word to PDF is that this format is not protected. Whenever you open Word files on another computer or another device, you would see that the format of these files gets disturbed. People who waste their time and effort in formatting these files would always be pissed when they open it on another platform or even on the same platform but with a different version. PDF files do not change as they work just like images. This is the reason that it is recommended that you save word files into PDF.

  1. References can get all jumbled up!

If you have created a word document with a table of contents in it and referencing, then there is always a chance that it would get ruined. This mess is usually that the page numbers of word files increase or decrease depending upon the text size and the format is set. So converting word files to PDF can be a solution to this problem. You would often see a mess in the table of contents in large reports, e-books, and other types of lengthy content.

  1. There are multiple word processors!

MS word is one out of hundreds of document writing tools that you can find on the web these days. So if you have created a word file that you need to share with one of your team members or friend, then there is a very little chance that he would have MS word to open your files. On the other hand, PDF is universally used by everyone across the globe. You don’t even need a PDF reader to open a PDF file on a device. The PDF format can directly be opened with a browser. This is also among the common reasons behind Word to PDF conversion.

  1. MS Word has multiple versions!

You should also know that MS Word has multiple versions. Up till now, there are more than five different versions of Word. Older versions of word files cannot be opened on new versions properly, and the same is the case with newer version docs. Different versions of Word are being used on different devices. So if you are sending or opening a word file on a different version than its parent, you will lose its format and style for sure. This might also result in tampering with the size of the file. On the other hand, PDF files don’t have this issue, so you should convert Word to PDF.

  1. Word files are not mobile-friendly!

You should know that word files are not at all designed to be opened on mobile devices. You can indeed get the word application on your smartphone. Still, this app cannot open the Word file made on desktops in the exact style and format. If you open a desktop word file on the smartphone, then it is going to break. Its format will get disturbed, and there is always a chance that you would lose data. On the other hand, PDF files can be opened on mobile phones just like any other image.

  1. Word files are editable

Another reason why it is important to convert Word to PDF is that Word files are editable. This might look like a feature of this format, but you must know that this so-called Word feature makes content in the file vulnerable. You cannot simply secure your data in a word file because of the lack of safety features. If you convert Word to PDF, you can easily make the data non-editable, and you should also know that PDF files can be locked with a password.

Converting Word to PDF in 2021!

Today you can convert Word to PDF by using both offline and online mediums. The two most common ways of convert word to PDF are:

  • Saving word files as PDF offline from your device.
  • Using online Word to PDF converter tools.

The offline conversion method is simple but takes some time. On the other hand, if you use an online word to PDF converter like the one offered by Duplichecker, you can save time, money, and effort and convert Word to PDF with complete accuracy & security!