How To Remove Plagiarism from Your Content?


Plagiarism can cause a lot of harm to the writer. So, how should they use paraphrasing tools to remove duplicity? 

How To Remove Plagiarism from Your Content?

A study of over 70 high schools found that 64% of the students has plagiarized in one way or another. Therefore, it's no wonder plagiarism is a growing headache in the academic community. For students and teachers alike, this is a problem that they have trouble dealing with. 

However, that's when paraphrasing tools come into play. But using them to remove plagiarism is not as simple as it may sound, but it's not that difficult either.

All you have to do is understand a few key things before you use such a tool. So, let's get started and find out how to use a paraphraser to remove plagiarism:

What Is Plagiarized Content?

Plagiarized content is a copy of someone else's work that has been passed off as one's own. This is done either intentionally or unintentionally. Plagiarism can be seen in many ways:

  • Copying text word-for-word from another source without giving credit to the original author
  • Using someone else's ideas, research, or thoughts and presenting them as one's own work
  • Taking a piece of work created by someone else and using it as the basis for new work without giving credit to the original author
  • Using text from other sources without crediting them and attributing it to the original authors
The problem with plagiarized content is that it can lead to copyright infringement, resulting in legal action against the plagiarist. It also diminishes their image and credibility. 

Why Is Plagiarism Harmful?

Plagiarism is not only the act of taking credit for someone else's work but also stealing their ideas. It can be done unintentionally, but that does not make it any less serious. Now, stealing another author's idea isn't only ripping them off their hard work, time, and effort. 

For example, if you copy a passage from a Wikipedia article and post it as your own, you are committing plagiarism. This can lead to consequences like expulsion or suspension from school or work.

It is important to cite your content sources because you are using other people's words and ideas without giving them credit.

How To Remove Plagiarism

Using a paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarism requires you to follow a specific process. It's not only about rewriting the content you have detected to be copied/duplicated; it's also about using different words and citing the source.

So, to make it easier for you, here's a step by step process to remove plagiarism with a paraphrasing tool: 

  1. Detect Plagiarism

Finding plagiarism is the key to removing it. If you don't know where it is in your content, then you won't know which section of your content to rewrite. That's why the first step is to find plagiarism, and this is how you do it:

  • Find a plagiarism checker/scanner
  • Scan your content
  • Analyze unique and plagiarized content percentages 
  • Locate the original source
Once you're done, set aside the plagiarized text and copy the located source of plagiarism. 

  1. Use The Plagiarism Remover

Now you have found plagiarism In your content, it’s time to use a plagiarism fixer. You can remove duplication from your content using plagiarism remover.

How do you go about doing that? It's simple; all you have to do is upload the plagiarized content or simply copy & paste it into the editor. Here's how:

  1. Select/Choose file
  2. Pick content mode
  3. Select language
  4. Remove plagiarism
Step 1

Once the tool is done removing plagiarism, here's what you will see:

Step 2

If you're not happy with the result, you can always click on Run Remover Again in the top-right corner. However, there may not be a need for it, as the bold text indicates the amount of text changed by this paraphraser. 

  1. Cite the Source
Once your content is rewritten, you will have to cite the source. Earlier on, you must have located the source when you scanned content for plagiarism. Therefore, this will ensure that you're avoiding plagiarism entirely by citing the original author.

  1. Scan Again
The final step is to ensure that your content is now 100% original. How do you do that? By scanning your text once more for plagiarism. In the plagiarism remover, you have this option on the bottom-left corner:
step 3

Press this button, and you'll be able to ensure the originality of your content. 


This is how you remove plagiarism using a paraphrasing tool. Not only does it make the task a whole lot easier, but it also takes away the stress of doing it wrong. Therefore use a paraphrasing tool to remove duplicity from your content efficiently.  

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