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RakeshMgs - An Essential Tool for SEO-Optimized Content

Updated: - An Essential Tool for SEO-Optimized Content

In the world of online presence and digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect for businesses and website owners. is a platform that offers valuable assistance in creating SEO-optimized articles, thereby increasing online visibility and boosting website rankings. With its cutting-edge technologies and experienced advice, proves to be a prime tool for anyone aiming to enhance their search engine exposure.

Generates Content Score

One of the key features of is its ability to generate a content score based on various SEO variables. By analyzing the information provided or pasted into the editor, it assesses the SEO relevance and effectiveness of the content.

Additionally, the editor examines the content of already-ranked competitors, providing valuable insights for improvement. The content score provided by serves as a useful metric for understanding the quality and usefulness of the content being created.

Attention to Content Structure

Another significant aspect of is its attention to content structure. The tool not only informs users about the structure of their text but also offers recommendations for optimizing it.

It suggests the optimal number of headers to include in an article, as well as the appropriate use of images based on competitors' practices and rankings. By following these suggestions, users can make their articles more search engine friendly, increasing the chances of quick and successful ranking. The editor also provides guidance on the recommended number of paragraphs for the text, ensuring proper readability and organization.

Incorporates NLP goes beyond basic SEO optimization by incorporating NLP (Natural Language Processing) terms. This advanced feature recommends specific terms to include in the text after analyzing the content score and structure. These suggested keywords are derived from competitor research and frequent terms found in top-ranked content relevant to a particular query.

By incorporating these recommended phrases and NLP terms into the article, users can further enhance their chances of ranking well. The editor also provides explanations on NLP terms and suggests the optimal frequency of key phrase usage in the writing.

A Complete Editor

In addition to its SEO-focused features, serves as a complete editor with a range of useful functions.

Users can leverage the tool to structure their headers using different heading tags and employ various editing features similar to those found in word processors. The editor allows users to change font sizes, insert photos, and count words, providing a comprehensive writing experience within a single platform.

How To Use

Using is a straightforward process. Simply visit the and choose a suitable plan based on your needs. After logging in, enter your keywords and click the "create" button.

The editor will then analyze competitors and search engine result pages (SERPs), providing a score for your existing content or any new content created within the editor. Additionally, the tool offers suggestions for NLP terms, heading ratios, and outlines, facilitating the creation of highly optimized and engaging articles.


Free Package:

This package is completely free and provides access to one content editor. The editor generates ideas and offers insights into the selected term.

Starter Package:

Priced at $9 per month, the Starter package includes all the features of the free package. The main difference is that users gain access to six content editors, allowing for more extensive content creation.

Pro Plan:

The Pro plan, priced at $19 per month, caters to individuals who produce a high volume of articles for their own websites or clients. It encompasses all the features available in the previous versions and provides access to 15 content editors.

Premium Plan:

Starting at $49 per month, the Premium plan offers a significant boost in terms of content editors, with 60 editors included. It encompasses all the features of the previous plans, including NLP recommendations, content rating, and competition analysis.


In conclusion, proves to be an essential tool for individuals and businesses seeking to create SEO-optimized content. With its content scoring system, suggestions for content structure and NLP terms, and comprehensive editing features, it simplifies the process of enhancing online visibility and search engine rankings. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced content creator, provides valuable assistance in generating engaging and search engine-friendly articles.

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