Full forms of computer parts


कंप्यूटर के कुछ पार्ट और बेसिक फुल फॉर्म्स 

  1.  Full Form of ALU ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit 
  2.  Full Form of AMD AMD - Advanced Micro Devices 
  3.  Full Form of ATA ATA - Advanced Technology Attachment 
  4.  Full Form of ATM ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  5.  Full Form of ATX ATX - Advanced Technology Extended 
  6.  Full Form of AUP AUP - Acceptable Use Policy 
  7.  Full Form of BBS BBS - Bulletin board system 
  8.  Full Form of BIOS BIOS - Basic Input Output System 
  9.  Full Form of CD CD - Compact Disc 
  10.  Full Form of CD-ROM CD-ROM - Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory
  11.  Full Form of CD-RW CD-RW - Compact Disc-Rewritable 
  12.  Full Form of COM1 COM1 - Communication Port 1 
  13.  Full Form of Computer Computer - Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used In Technical   And Educational Research Full Form of CPU CPU - Central Processing Unit
  14.  Full Form of DDR RAM DDR RAM - Double Data-Rate Random Access Memory
  15.  Full Form of DDR DDR - Double Data-Rate 
  16.  Full Form of DNS DNS - Domain Name Service Or Domain Name Server 
  17.  Full Form of DOS DOS - Disc Operating system 
  18.  Full Form of DRAM DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory 
  19.  Full Form of DVD DVD - Digital Versatile Disc 
  20.  Full Form of DVD-R DVD-R Digital Video Disc-Recordable
  21.  Full Form of DVD-ROM DVD-ROM - Digital Video Disc-Random Access Memory 
  22.  Full Form of DVD-RW DVD-RW - Digital Video Disc-Rewritable 
  23.  Full Form of DVI DVI - Digital Visual Interface 
  24.  Full Form of EEPROM EEPROM - Electrically EPROM 
  25.  Full Form of E-Mail E-Mail - electronic mail 
  26.  Full Form of EMI EMI - Electromagnetic Interference 
  27.  Full Form of EPROM EPROM - Erasable PROM 
  28.  Full Form of FAQ FAQ - Frequently asked questions. 
  29.  Full Form of FAT FAT - File Allocation Table 
  30.  Full Form of FAT12 FAT12 - 12-Bit File Allocation Table 
  31.  Full Form of FAT16 FAT16 - 16-Bit File Allocation Tableno 
  32.  Full Form of FAT32 FAT32 - 32-Bit File Allocation Table 
  33.  Full Form of FDD FDD - Floppy Disk Drive 
  34.  Full Form of FERPA FERPA - Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act 
  35.  Full Form of FPP FPP - Floppy disc drive 
  36.  Full Form of GB GB - Gigabyte 
  37.  Full Form of GDI GDI - Graphics Device Interface 
  38.  Full Form of GHz GHz - Gigahertz
  39. Full Form of GPRS GPRS - General Packet Radio System 
  40.  Full Form of GSM GSM - Global System For Mobile Communications 
  41.  Full Form of GUI GUI - Graphical User Interface 
  42. Full Form of HDD HDD - Hard Disk Drive 
  43.  Full Form of HDMi HDMi - High Definition Media Interface 
  44.  Full Form of HLL HLL - High Level Language 
  45.  Full Form of HTML HTML - Hypertext Markup   Language 
  46.  Full Form of HTTP HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol 
  47.  Full Form of HTTPS HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Over Secure Sockets Layer 
  48.  Full Form   of  I/O I/O - Input & Output 
  49.  Full Form of IDE IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics 
  50.  Full Form of IEEE IEEE - Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers 
  51.  Full Form of IIS IIS - Internet Information Services 
  52.  Full Form of IP IP - Internet Protocol 
  53.  Full Form of ALU IPCONFIG - Internet Protocol Configuration 
  54.  Full Form of ISP ISP - Internet Service Provider 
  55.  Full Form of KB KB - Kilobyte 
  56.  Full Form of KBD KBD - Key Board 
  57.  Full Form of Kbps Kbps - Kilo Bytes per second
  58.  Full Form of LAN LAN - Local Area Network 
  59.  Full Form of LCD LCD - Liquid Crystal Display 
  60.  Full Form of LED LED - Light Embedded Diode 
  61.  Full Form of LLL LLL - Low Level Language 
  62.  Full Form of MAC MAC - Media Access Control 
  63.  Full Form of MAN MAN - Metropolitan Area Network 
  64.  Full Form of MB MB - Megabyte 
  65.  Full Form of Mbps Mbps - Mega Bytes Per second 
  66.  Full Form of MIPS MIPS - Million of Instruction Per Second 
  67.  Full Form of OCR OCR - Optical character reader 
  68.  Full Form of PC PC - Personal computer 
  69.  Full Form of POST POST - Power ON Self Test 
  70.  Full Form of PROM PROM - Programmable Read Only Memory 
  71.  Full Form of RAM RAM - Random Access Memory 
  72.  Full Form of ROM ROM - Read Only Memory 
  73.  Full Form of SMPS SMPS - Switch Mode Power Supply 
  74.  Full Form of TB TB - Terabyte 
  75.  Full Form of URL URL - Uniform Resource Locator 
  76.  Full Form of USB USB - Universal Serial Bus 
  77.  Full Form of VDU VDU - Visible Display Unit 
  78.  Full Form of VGA VGA - Video Graphic Adapter 
  79.  Full Form of WAN WAN - Wide Area Network 
  80.  Full Form of WWW WWW - World Wide Web
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