How to Use CorelDRAW 12 | Using File Menu in Corel Draw 12 Complete English Notes


Hello Friends, Today's post is about the File menu (tab) of Corel Draw 12, in which you will read all the options given under the File menu one by one.

Description of File Menu Option

In this post, I have described the option from New to Exit, so that you can understand the File menu of Corel Draw very easily, and you can see it practically.
  1. New This option is used to get a new blank page.
  2. New From Template Through this, we use to take the default template design which is already given to us in the Corel draw by Corel company.
  3. Open This option is used to open a CDR file previously saved to a hard disk.
  4. Close This option is used to close Active current page of Corel Draw.
  5. Close All This option is used to close all open pages.
  6. Save this option is used to save CorelDraw file in the computer Hard disk.
  7. Save As Through this, we save the already saved document in a different name and can also be saved in any other format.
  8. Revert Through this, after taking the file which we have already created, there is some mistake while editing, then use it again to make it like new.
  9. Acquire Image With the help of a camera or scanner, ACQUIRE IMAGE is used to insert any type of image in Corel Draw.
  10. Import Use some kind of image and some other file to fetch in CorelDraw.
  11. ExportIn this option you can export your graphic into any other format.
  12. Export for Office This option is used to export your graphics into png format and send it to MS office. 
  13. Send to The files created through this option are used for any other Drive, Mail, Zipped file and fax.

  14. Prepare for service Bureau This option is mostly used when sending a design created in Corel Draw from one server to another. It is used by people whose work is mostly to design and send online designs. In this, when you save the file, then you can save the pdf in addition to cdr and also which font you have used, this information is also saved. You can also save the font if needed.
  15. Publish to the Web Used to publish any design in HTML or Flash file on internet.
  16. Publish to the PDF It uses any type of graphics to create a PDF file.

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