Using Edit Menu in Corel Draw 12 Complete English Notes | How to Use CorelDRAW 12 Menu Bar


Description of Edit Menu

1. Undo uses this to do a step backwards.

2. Redo uses it to do a step forward, it only goes ahead when undo is high.

3. Repeat can repeat a task using it. You can also use Ctrl+R. 

4. Cut is used to cut (transfer) any selected graphics or text.

5. Copy uses this to copy the selected text or a graphic.

6. Paste is used to paste cut or copied objects or text.

7.Paste Special paste properly or properly when objects or text copied from another software are pasted under Paste Special.

8. Delete is used to erase any selected text or guides.

9. Symbol uses any graphics on the page as symbols to be kept in a hard disk forever.

10. Duplicate use to copy any object

11. Copy Properties From Within any object created through it, the filtered color and the outline color are used to fill the same color on the other object.

12. Over Print Out It is mostly used to print outlines of any type of object accurately.

13. Over Print Fill It is used to properly print the color filled in any object.

14. Select All uses to select any text, object, guides, nudge through it.

15. Find and Replace use it to search for a graphic or text after converting.

16. Insert Barcode is used for inserting any type of barcode through it.

17. Insert New Object is used to draw files from any other software in Corel Draw and after creation.
18. Object When a PDF file is imported into Corel Draw then it shows the option. This option contains a link that will open from your PDF Acrobat or through software that will be installed in your computer.

19. Links ..

20. Properties use to bring Docker through it which is related to the feel, outline, and link.

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