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Using Layout Menu in Corel Draw 12 Complete English Notes | How to Use CorelDRAW 12 Menu Bar


Hello friends, in this post you will learn about the layout menu of Corel Draw, in which you can read what options can be done from this menu. So let's start

Description of Layout Menu 

Layout Menu

1. Insert Page It uses to insert more than one page.

2. Delete Page Use to delete a page that has been inserted.

3. Rename Page By this, we use to rename a page and write the name of the page.

4. Go To Page Let's use it to go to a page. It is mostly used to visit a single page when there are more pages.

5. Switch Page Orientation Using it, you can make the page Portrait or landscape.

6. Page Setup Using this option we can edit page sizes.

7. Page Background Through this, they are used to give solid color and the effect of an image on any page like a Background.

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