500+ Most Important CCC Question & Answer in English Download Free PDF by Abhishek Sharma


500+ Most Important CCC Question & Answer in English Download Free PDF

Q.1 Which of the following extension is not related to Open Office Writer?
a)  .txt
b) .doc
c) .sxww
d) .csv
Q.2 What is word processing in Libreoffice?
a)  Draw
b) Impress
c) Calc
d) Writer
Q.3 What is spreadsheet in Libreoffice?
a)  Draw
b) Impress
c) Calc
d) Writer
Q.4 By what name is the power point in Libreoffice?
a)  Draw
b) Impress
c) Calc
d) Writer

Q.5 What is libreoffice?
a)  A company that sells office software
b) An image editing software
c) An office productivity software
d) An organization
Q.6 Can libreoffice software run?
a) On Mac Os X
b) On Linux machine
c) On windows systems
d) Linux, windows and Mac systems .

Q.7 Which key is used with the control to create a new line or paragraph inside the cell of libreoffice?
a) Shift
b) Alt
c) Tab
d) enter .

Q.8 Which of the following is not displayed in the Libreoffice Writer status bar?
a) Total character
b) Current page number
c) Total number of words
d) Computer name
Q.9 If you want to share a document and you want people to just see it and not edit it, then which one should you use?
a) ODT
c) PDF
d) DOC .

Q.10 A series standard paper size that most printers support?
a) A1
b) A2
c) A3
d) A4 .

Q.11 What is the keyboard combination for inserting page breaks in Libre office writer?
a) Shift+A
b) Tab
c) Ctrl+enter
d) Ctrl+C

Q.12 Libreoffice writer has file extension for template?
a) .ODP
b) .ODT
c) .OTT
d) .DOC

Q.13 Which of the following can you use to organize or shorten slides?
a) Slide pane
b) Slide sorter view
c) Both
d) None of these

Q.14 Slide transition are effect that:
a) At the beginning of the presentation
b) When the slide changes into a presentation
c) When we click inside the object of a slide
d) At the end of the presentation

Q.15 To remove slide transition we apply the following?
a) Split transition
b) None transition
c) Wipe transition
d) Push transition

Q.16 A slide____ is a slide is used as a starting point for other
a) First slide
b) Master slide
c) Template
d) style
Q.17 What is the default file extension for a spreadsheet in libreoffice calc?
a) .odp
b) .ods
c) .odd
d) .odt
Q.18 libreoffice calc a formula always starts with a symbol?
a) %
b) $
c) &
d) =
Q.19 What will be the result of the formula =“Hello” & ‘’’’ & “World”?
a) “Hello” & “”&Workd”
b) Hello & & World
c) HelloWorld
d) Formula will not work
Q.20 What will be the result of the formula = COUNT (B1:B3)? Where B1 = 5, B2 = 4, B3 = 6
a) 15
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Q.21 What is the result of the formula =MAX(B1:B3)+MIN(B1:B3)? Where
B1 = 5, B2 = 2, B3 = 7
a) 7,2
b) 7+2
c) 9
d) 5,7

Q.22 What is the result of the formula =CONCATENATE(“CCC”,”Tyari”)?
a) CCC
b) Tyari
c) CCCTyari
d) CCC Tyari .

Q.23 How many types of cell reference are there in Libreoffice Calc?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Q.24 If the cell address changes after copying the formula, then the address is known as ___?
a) Relative address
b) Absolute address
c) Mixed address
d) Dynamic address .

Q.25 In Which menu is there an options to find and replace in the office?
a) File
b) View
c) Edit
d) Window

Q.26 How many rows and columns does libreoffice calc have?
a) 1048576 or 1024
b) 1048576 or 16384
c) 16384 or 1048576
d) 1024 or 1048576

Q.27 What is the maximum number of worksheets libreoffice Calc can have?
a) 256
b) 1028
c) 10000
d) none

Q.28 What is the shortcut key to open the cell content dialog box in Libreoffice Calc?
a) Shift+1
b) Ctrl+1
c) Alt+1
d) Ctrl+Alt+1

Q.29 A hidden slide is slide that cannot be shown to the audience while running a slide show?
a) True
b) False
Q.30 The page margin is the white space around the top, bottom, left and right of your document?
a) True
b) False
Q.31 When using the command as Save As, do you actually make a copy of your original document with different file name?
a) True
b) False
Q.32 The maximum file format for libreoffice writer is .odt?
a) True
b) False
Q.33 The date and time stored in libreoffice Calc are internally treated as numbers?
a) True
b) False
Q.34 libreoffice software suite consists of ultiple applications bundled together?
a) True
b) False
Q.35 Libreoffice can only open and save files in open document format?
a) True
b) False
Q.36 If you add a graphic to a master slide, will it appear on every slide in your presentation ?
a) True
b) False
Q.37 A presentation in libreoffice impress can have only one master slide?
a) True
b) False
Q.38 Spreadsheet allows us to organize, analyze and store data in tabular form?
a) True
b) False
Q.39 What is the result of the formula = if(C2>20,”Yes”,”NO”) where C2=5
a) True
b) False
Q.40 Spreadsheet of Libreoffice Calc can have only one sheet?
a) True
b) False
Q.41 Libreoffice includes support for opening and saving files in Microsoft office format
(.docs,.pptx, .xlsx)?
a) True
b) False
Q.42 Can we customize Writer interface by adding or removing toolbars?
a) True
b) False
Q.43 In libreoffice writer you cannot save a file in Microsoft word format?
a) True
b) False
Q.44 In Libreoffice Writer, if you make a mistake (ie removing some text) can you correct it using undo command?
a) True
b) False
Q.45 You cannot edit the template in the libre office?
a) True
b) False
Q.46 When the space spelling check tools in Libreoffice writer marks a word with a red wavy line, is it necessary that it is a spelling mistake and needs to be corrected?
a) True
b) False
Q.47 Slide animation are similar to transition, but they apply to individual elements in a single
a) True
b) False
Q.48 Can libreoffice impress create a photo album from a set of images, usually with one photo per slide?
a) True
b) False
Q.49 Can not create custom page styles in libreoffice writer?
a) True
b) False
Q.50 Is the presentation program included in libreoffice impress?
a) True
b) False
Q.51 Which of the following is a standalone malware computer program that replicate itself and spread to other computer?
a) Trojan horse
b) Worm
c) Zombi
d) Virus

Q.52 Which is an E-commerce website?
a) Instagram
b) Amazon
c) Facebook
d) Telegram

Q.53 What is the full form of SEO?
a) Senior Engineer office
b) Search Engineer Outcomes
c) Search engine optimization
d) System Environment option .

Q.54 We cannot send E-mail without filling subject line?
a) True
b) False
Q.55 A bar that inform you about the available options in your computer, opened applications, background running application, and can be used to switch the application is
a) Menu bar
b) Tool bar
c) Task bar
d) Status bar
Q.56 which one of the items is not related with e-banking?
b) Demand Draft
c) ATM
d) ECS

Q.57 Internet explorer falls under:
a) IP address
b) Browser
c) Compiler
d) Operating system

Q.58 Which is not spreadsheet view
a) Normal
b) Page layout
c) Page break preview
d) Web Layout
Q.59 Which of the following is default media player in ubantu
a) PLC
b) Rhythm box
c) VLC
d) Shot-well
Q.60 What is POP or POS?
a) Is the time and place where a retail transaction
b) Is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed.
c) Is the time and place where a retail transformation is completed
d) Is the time and place where a retail time is

Q.61 IVR stands for?
a) Inter Voice Response
b) Interactive Voice Response
c) Interactive Voice Request
d) Interactive value Respond
Q.62 To add a new row to a table you would not do the following
a) Click the insert row command on the insert menu
b) Press Del Key
c) Press enter key
d) Click the insert row button on the standard toolbar
Q.63 Which options is used to show the color bar within cell according to data
a) Conditional formatting
b) Data bar
c) Bar chart
d) Text formatting
Q.64 In libreoffice calc, which data is in number format category?
a) All of the options
b) Date
c) Percentage
d) curreny
Q.65 XSS is abbreviated as
a) Extreme secure Scripting
b) X Site Scripting
c) Cross Site Scripting
d) Cross site Security
Q.66 Which of the following is a safety measure in banking network?
a) Router
b) Protocol
c) Firewall
d) Modem
Q.67 You can apply a color scheme to the current slide or to all slides in your presentation.
a) False
b) True
Q.68 Which of the following is an example of a social networking site
a) All of the options
b) Linked in
c) Twitter
d) Facebook

Q.69 Immediate Payment service (IMPS) facility is provided by?
a) RBI
Q.70 Mailbox is made up of?
a) Head&body
b) Body&Subject
c) Inbox&Outbox
Q.71 In Handout master, footer area appears at
a) Top of the page
b) Bottom of the page
c) Centre of the page
d) Bottom right of the page
Q.72 You can edit an embedded organization chart object by
a) Clicking edit object
b) Right clicking the chart object, then
clicking edit MS-Organization chart object.
c) Double click on chart object
d) Right click on chart object
Q.73 In HTTPs’ s stands for?
a) Simple
b) Secured
c) System
d) server

Q.74 change the …….. To create a document in wide format
a) Page orientation
b) Page margin
c) Paper source
d) Paper style
Q.75 Data encryption standard (DES), was designed by
a) HP
b) Sony
c) Intel
d) IBM
Q.76 Which of the following memory is not volatile
a) ROM
b) None of the options
Q.77 Which command in command mode of vi saves the file without quitting?
a) :w
b) :q!
c) :x
d) :wq
Q.78 Which of the following will not advance the slides in a slide show view?
a) Esc key
b) Enter key
c) None of the options

Q.79 What is shortcut key combination to decrease font size in Libreoffice writer?
a) Ctrl+-
b) Ctrl+[
c) Ctrl+<
d) Ctrl+(
Q.80 In libre office calc, “comment” options can be found under ……….menu
a) Insert
b) View
c) Format
d) Data
Q.81 Ruler in libreoffice writer can help us in
a) Tab setting
b) Indent settings
c) Change page margin
d) All of above
Q.82 What is the working scrollbars options?
a) Scroll the lines
b) Scroll the libre document
c) Scroll the window
d) Scroll the text
Q.83 Where do you store your cryptocurrency?
a) Floppy Disk
b) Bank account
c) In your pocket
d) E-wallet
Q.84 While typing in a paragraph, you will
a) Press enter key at the end of each word
b) Press enter key at the each line
c) None of options
d) Press enter only at the end of a
Q.85 The entire URL has a maximum of
a) 127 characters
b) 255 characters
c) 63 characters
d) 31 characters

Q.86 How much payment can be done in 1 day by Bhima App?
a)  Rs. 20000
b)  Rs. 10000
c)  Rs. 100000
d)  Rs. 40000
Q.87 What is the maximum Zoom in Impress?
a)  300%
b)  3000%
c)  400%
d)  500%
Q.88 What is the First graphical web browser for WWW ?
a)  Mosaic
b)  Google Chrome
c)  Internet Explorer
d)  Mozilla Firefox
Q.89 What is the Shortcut to copy in Libre office Writer?
a)  Alt + C
b)  Ctrl + Shift + C
c)  Ctrl + C
d)  None
Q.90 What is the full form of B2B?
a)  Base to Base
b)  Base to Business
c)  Business to Business
d)  None
Q.91 In Which menu is the master slide Function found in Libre Office Impress?
a)  Slide Show
b)  Slide
c)  Format
d)  Tools
Q.92 What is the Return mail sent to sender?
a)  Bank mail
b)  Bounced mail
c)  Return mail
d)  Spam
Q.93 In which type of topology does information flow in one direction?
a)  Bus
b)  Star
c)  Circle
d)  Ring
Q.94 How many rows and colums does Calc Contain?
a)  1048576 and 1024
b)  1024 and 1048576
c)  1048576 and 16384
d)  16384 and 1048576
Q.95 What is the full form of HTWL?
a)  Hyper Text Web Language
b)  Hyper Text Markup Language
c)  Hyper Text Website Language
d)  Hyper Text Web Design Language
Q.96 What service does the application layer provide?
a)  Process to process
b)  End to End
c)  Both
d)  Not
Q.97 Who developed the integrated Circuit chip?
a)  CV Raman
b)  Robert Nayak
c)  J.S. Kilby (Jack St. Clair Kilby)
d)  Einstein

Q.98 E-email is an example of which of the following?
a)  Instant making
b)  Internal messaging
c)  Instant messaging 3
d)  None of these
Q.99 What is full form SBI ?
a)  State Bank of India
b)  Super Bank of India
c)  India State Income
d)  None of the above
Q.100 Which generation of Computers was the largest in Size?
a)  first generation
b)  Second generation
c)  fourth generation
d)  None of the above
Q.101 Which code do you use to see IMEI Number?
a)  *60#
b)  $ # 6 #
c)  *#06#
d)  None
Q.102 How much is the CVV in ATM and Credit Card?
a)  6 digits
b)  4 digits
c)  3 digits
d)  5 digits
Q.103 Which of the following extensions are not related to the Libra office?
a)  .odt
b)  .ods
c)  . odp
d)  . rtf
Q.104 What is the presentation in Libre Office?
a)  Calc
b)  Impress
c)  Writer
d)  None
Q.105 What is the minimum size of Zoom in Libra Office impress?
a)  5%
b)  10%
c)  3000%
d)  20%
Q.106 What does N mean in UMANG App?
a)  New – Age
b)  National
c)  New
d)  None
Q.107 Does Libra Office Calc have a file Extension?
a)  .Doc
b)  .ods
c)  .odp
d)  .xls
Q.108 What is the full name of MICR?
a)  Magnetic ink character recognition
b)  Magnetic ink character reader
c)  both of the above
d)  None of the above
Q.109 Which is the smallest computer?
a)  Mini computer
b)  Micro Computer
c)  Super Computers
d)  Mainframe Computer
Q.110 What does QR code mean?
a)  Quick response code
b) Quick Recorder Code
c) Quick Register Code
d) None
Q.111 What is the POS?
a)  Power on Switch
b) Point of Sale
c) Part of Sale
d) None
Q.112 UPI was developed by
a)  National Payment Corporation of India
b) State bank of India
c) India Payment Gateway
d) Reserve Bank of India

Q.113 Can USSD services be available by dialing?
a) *121#
b) *123#
c) *99#
d) All of above
Q.114 What software is assembler?
a) System software
b) Application Software
c) Both
d) None of the above
Q.115 What will result form adding Calc to A1 +A2 ?
a) ###
b) 0
c) 1
d) None
Q.116 In which generation was the vacuum tube techniques used?
a) First generation
b) Second generation
c) Third generation
d) Forth genration
Q.117 What is the full form of E in AEPS?
a) Electric
b) Electronic
c) Enabled
d) None

Q.118 How many languages are used in UMANG app?
a) 10
b) 12
c) 13
d) 6
Q.119 Name of maximum columns in Calc in Libra office?
a) AMJ
b) XFD
c) AJS
d) None of these
Q.120 Com is related to?
a) Commerce
b) Commercial
c) Organization
d) None
Q.121 Which is the first search engine?
a) Yahoo
b)  Archie
c)  Google
d)  None
Q.122 What would you choose to do a Show PreView in Power Point?
a) Home tab
b) Slide show
c) Design
d) All of above
Q.123 How many Bit does IPV6 address?
a) 32
b) 64
c) 128
d) 28
Q.124 What happen to the libreoffice calc and excel date and time shortcuts?
a) Ctrl +;
b) Ctrl + Shift + :
c) A & B both
d) None
Q.125 How many character can be used while twit in Twitter?
a) 140
b) 180
c) 280
d) 150
Q.126 What is the full form of LAN?
a) Local Area Network
b) Logical Area Network
c) Local Area Net
d) None of the above
Q.127 What is the charge for transfer between Rs.200000 to Rs.500000?
a) 25
b) 15
c) 5
d) 20
Q.128 UAMANG stands for?
a) Unified Mobiles Application for New-age Governance
b) Unified Mobile Application for News Governance
c) Unified Mobile Application for Network Governance
d) None
Q.129 What is phone pay?
a) Messenger
b) Social site
c) E wallet
d) None of the above
Q.130 What is full form of IDS?
a) Intrusion Direction system
b) Intrusion Detection system
c) Intrusion Detection source
d) None
Q.131 Full form of ECB?
a) External Commercial Borrowing
b) Exta Commercial Borrow
c) External Computer Borrowing
d) none
Q.132 Full form of NNUP?
a) National Unified Uniq Platform
b) National Unified USSD Platform
c) Network Unified USSD Platform
d) None
Q.133 Full form of WiFi?
a) Wireless Fidelity
b) Wireless Facility
c) Wireless File
d) Wired Fidelity
Q.134 What will happen if the excel formula bar does not have=before the formula?
a) #name?
b) #name
c) For calling, whatever is written at once
d) ####
Q.135 Which of the following is a mobile operating system?
a) Window Phone
b) Android
d) All of the above
Q.136 what is the minimum transfer limit through RTGS?
a) RS.100000
b) RS.200000
c) Rs.300000
d) There is no limit
Q.137 which of the following is not the output devices?
a) Plotter
b) Monitor
c) Light pen
d) Printer
Q.138 In which format is the web page saved?
b) htm
c) Both
d) web
Q.139 What will be the value of mod(50,-7)?
a) 6
b) -6
c) 1
d) 1
Q.140 Full form of IMEI?
a) International Mobile equipment Identify
b) Internet Mobile Equipment Identity
c) International Mobile Identity
d) None
Q.141 Toggle key is an example ?
a) Caps Lock
b) Scroll Lock
c) Insert
d) All of the above
Q.142 What is firefox?
a) Operating System
b) Web brower
c) Social Networking site
d) Search engine
Q.143 ABRS stand for …..
a) Aadhaat Based Remittance Service
b) Aadhaar Board Remittance Service
c) Advance Based Remittance service
d) none
Q.144 what is the maximum worksheet in calc?
a) 10000
b) 1000
c) 5000
d) 255
Q.145 What will be the value of product (5,2)?
a) 10
b) 3
c) 7
d) 1
Q.146 Full form of UTR?
Unique Transaction Reference
Q.147 Full form of EBCDIC?
Extended Binary Coded Decimal
Interchange Code
Q.148 Full form of NEFT?
National Electronic Fund Transfer
Q.149 Does Libra office Software package include many application software?

Q.150 (B2C)  Business to consumer means merchant sends goods to customer?
Q.151 BADA is a mobile operating system?
Q.152 Linux is an open source operating system?
Q.153 Internet or www is different?
Q.154 Window is an operating system?
Q.155 ALU performs arithmetic and logical operations in CPU?
Q.156 JPEG file is for Format image?
Q.157 What does FDM stand for?
a)  Fused Deposition Modeling
b)  Fused Filament Fabrication.
c)  Fused Deposition Mesh.
d)  Fused Direct Metal.
Q.158 Cryptography can’t provide.
a)  Confidentiality.
b)  A way to hide messages is an image
c)  Entity authentication
d)  No repudiation of messages
Q.159 Which of the following is not an example of web browser?
a)  Google Chrome
b)  Internet explorer
c)  Safari
d)  Avast
Q.160 Short cut key for Jump to last Edited slide.
a)  Alt+shift+F5
b)  Alt+Shift+F3
c)  Alt+Shift+F2
d)  Alt+Shift+F1
Q.161 CasS stand for
a)  Client as a service
b)  Common platform as a service
c)  Communication as a service
d)  Computer as a service
Q.162 What is the shortcut key of LibreOffice help?
a)  F12
b)  F11
c)  F7
d)  F1
Q.163 First RuPee ATM & Micro ATM card with Aadhaar Number was issued by?
a)  Union Bank of India
b)  ICICI bank
c)  Bank of India
d)  Axis Bank
Q.164 A Firewall can be
a)  Hardware
b)  None of the option
c)  Software
d)  Both(hardware) and (Software)
Q.165 Credit cards are a convenient substitute for ……
a)  None of the options
b)  Cash
c)  Cheque
d)  Both cash & cheque
Q.166 what is the shortcut key combination to switch edit mode to normal mode and normal mode to edit mode
a)  Ctrl+Shift+D
b)  Ctrl+Shift+M
c)  Ctrl+Shift+N
d)  Ctrl+Shift+S
Q.167 What will to the result of =Quotient(509.8,7)
a)  70
b)  77
c)  72
d)  75
Q.168 What is the shortcut key for repeat
a)  Alt+Shift+R
b)  Shift+R
c)  Ctrl+Shift+Y
d)  Ctrl+Alt+Y
Q.169 Which of the following keyboard is ot supported by at command
a)  Now
b)  Evening
c)  Noon
d)  Tomorrow
Q.170 Phonepe an example of
a)  RTGS
b)  IMPS
c)  Pos
d)  Ewallet
Q.171 How many languages are supported in Libreoffice 4.0.3.
a)  70
b)  40
c)  80
d)  75
Q.172 Firewall is a type of
a)  Prevention against unauthorized access
b)  Virus
c)  Worm
d)  Security threat
Q.173 which of the following is not an example of anti virus?
a)  Avast
b)  Bit Defender
c)  VLC
d)  AVG
Q.174 Supercomputer use parallel processors
a)  True
b)  False
Q.175 Which one provide command interpreter environment?
a)  Hardware
b)  C.P.U.
c)  Shell
d)  Kernal
Q.176 ECB Stands for
a)  Electronic control book
b)  Electronic cryptography book
c)  Electronic code book
d)  Electronic cipher book

Q.177 How many daily settlement batches are there in NEFT during a week day?
a)  11
b)  24
c)  23
d)  12
Q.178 Sniffing is used for ___________ fingerprinting.
a)  Passive attack
b)  Scanned
c)  Passive Banner grabbing
d)  Active attack
Q.179 Commonly used database for libreoffice writer from control is
a)  Access
b)  SQL
c)  Base
d)  My SQl
Q.180 What is the default width of Calc columns
a)  2.26 cm
b)  2.5 inch
c)  2.5 cm
d)  2.25 inch
Q.181 you are writing a message on Twitter_ what is the maximum number of character you can use
a)  160
b)  140
c)  120
d)  135
Q.182 which one is not an example of ideo sharing website?
a)  Metacafe
b)  You tube
c)  Pinterest
d)  Dailymotion
Q.183 which options is used to restrict scrolling of row and columns
a)  Stop
b)  Freeze
c)  Scroll off
d)  pause

Q.184 IMEI stand for
a)  International Mobile equipment Identity
b)  International Mobile equipment image
c)  Indian Mobile equipment Identitu
d)  International Mobile Electronic Identity

Q.185 Which is not a computer classification?
a)  Mini
b)  Notebook
c)  Maxframe
d)  Mainframe
Q.186 Which of these is A chart type in Calc
a)  Circle
b)  Hollow
c)  Bubble
d)  Baloon
Q.187 Bootstrapping is also known as
a)  Fast boot
b)  Quick boot
c)  Hot boot
d)  Cold boot
Q.188 What is the default font used in libre office writer?
a)  Times new roman
b)  Liberation impact
c)  Liberation serif
d)  Ariel
Q.189 Mobile application/App that enables booking and cancellation of unreserved tickets among a host of other facilitites
a)  UTS
b)  CRIS
Q.190 What is debit card
a)  It is a card which can be used for making STD calls
b)  It is a card issued by rating agency
c)  It is a card which can be used for withdrawing cash
d)  It is a card which carries prepaidbalance
Q.191 Which of the following features is currently not present in AEPS?
a)  Virtual card creation
b)  Balance enquiry
c)  Cash withdrawal
d)  Cash deposit
Q.192 Conventional rules for correct behavior on the internet are known as?
a)  Rules
b)  Protocols
c)  Good behavior
d)  Netiquettes
Q.193 What is defined by the handout master?
a)  Layout formatting
b)  Handout content formatting for the word export
c)  Slide formatting
d)  Layout of audience handout notes
Q.194 Retweet is semantically
a)  None of the options
b)  A fresh tweet
c)  An Arilyr tweet
d)  Tweet on a tweet
Q.195 which of the following is command is used to create hard link
a)  Link
b)  Hardlink
c)  Hard
d)  in
Q.196 What does S stand for in PSP with respect to UPI?
a)  Service
b)  Software
c)  System
d)  syncronized
Q.197 What is the shortcut key for new styles in libre office writer?
a)  Ctrl+F
b)  Ctrl+F11
c)  Shift+F7
d)  Ctrl+F5
Q.198 How many digits codes are there in mobile money identifier (MMID) ?
a)  Eight digit code
b)  Seven digit code
c)  Nine digit code
d)  Six digit code
Q.199 Who have world’s largest hadoop cluster?
a)  Data matics
b)  Google
c)  Facebook
d)  Apple
Q.200 E-mail are arranged in inbox with respect to __________
a)  Date time
b)  Subject
c)  Client&server
d)  Names
Q.201 What kind of fees can you expect be changed for online payment
a)  No
b)  1 rs
c)  100 rs
d)  Nominal, if any
Q.202 How many books in India have  joined the international telecommunication network swift’s
a)  28
b)  249
c)  19
d)  46
Q.203 In a network with 25 computers, which topology would require the most extensive cabling
a)  Star
b)  Mesh
c)  Ring
d)  bus

Q.204 Total no. rule run level in a Linux System?
a)  6
b)  7
c)  5
d)  8
Q.205 IIN(Issuer identification Number) is
a _____digit number
a)  4
b)  5
c)  11
d)  6
Q.206 Who is the “father” of artificial   intelligence?
a)  John McCarthy
b)  Allen Newell
c)  Charles Babbage
d)  Fisher Ada

Q.207 What is a personal computer?
a)  Micro
b)  Mini
c)  Super
d)  None
Q.208 What is the short key to cut Libre Office ?
a)  Ctrl + C
b)  Ctrl + X
c)  Ctrl + X
d)  Shift + X
Q.209 When was the vacuum tube invented?
a)  1904
b)  1960
c)  1954
d)  1946
Q.210 Which bank started the first micro ATM Aadhaar based?
a)  Fino Payments Bank
b)  Axis bank
c)  SBI
Q.211 Umang application was launched by which ministry?
a)  Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)
b)  Ministry of Finance
c)  Ministry of HRD
d)  All of above

Q.212 Who is the first graphics web browser?
a)  Mosaic
b)  World wide web
c)  Netscape
d)  Safari
Q.213 SED stand for?
a) Stream Editor
b)  Smoke – Emitting Diode
c)  Sweet Eagle Dreams
d)  All of above
Q.214 Which key should be combined with another key so that there is difference in the document?
a)  Sift
b)  Function
c)  Caps lock
d)  Ctrl

Q.215 Which bank started Pocket wallet?
a)  HDFC
c)  SBI
d)  BOB
Q.216 What is Sum(5,2)?
a)  7
b)  10
c)  3
d)  1
Q.217 How many members can be in What’up group?
a) 256
b)  255
c)  250
d)  No limit
Q.218 What is Libre office Writer default file extension?
a)  .odt
b)  .ods
c)  .odp
d)  .docx
Q.219 What is the full form of USSD?
a)  Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
b)  Uniform Supplementary Service Data
c)  Uniform Supplementary Service Data
d)  Universal supplementary Service Data
Q.220 What is P2P?
a)  Peer to Peer
b)  Point to Point
c)  Post to Post
d)  None
Q.221 What is the full form of PIN?
a)  Permanent internet Number
b)  Personal identification Number
c)  Permanent Identification Number
d)  None
Q.222 What is the full form of RTGS?
a)  Real Time Gross Sales
b)  Real Time Gross Settlement
c)  Right Time Gross Settlement
d)  None
Q.223 What is TT in HTTP?
a)  Text Transfer
b)  Test Transformed
c)  Test Transfer
d)  None
Q.224 What happens to the short to close the Libre office Window?
a)  Ctrl + Q
b)  Ctrl + W
c)  Ctrl Shift + W
d)  None
Q.225 What is in the logo of Twitter?
a)  Bird
b)  animals
c)  T is written
d)  None of these
Q.226 Who Can Track a Mobile Phone?
a)  IMEI
b)  GPS
c)  BOTH
d)  NONE
Q.227 NABARD was established by which committee?
a)  B.Sivaraman Committee
b)  Harsh Kumar Committee
c)  1982 act Committee
d)  Rama roa Committee
Q.228 In Which menu is the slide sorter in Libre Office?
a)  View
b)  Insert
c)  slide Show
d)  format
Q.229 What is the full form of POS?
a)  Point of Sales
b)  Post of Sales
c)  Point of Sold
d)  None
Q.230 What is Cryptography?
a)  It keeps our data safe
b)  converts the data into secret code
c)  It is used in email debit card credit card
d)  All the above
Q.231 What is the shortcut key to move to the next Slide?
a)  Page up
b)  Page down
c)  Home
d)  End

Q.232 Who is the founder of Facebook?
a)  Mark Zuckerberg
b)  Jack Dorsey
c)  Bill Gates
d)  Larry Page
Q.233 What is CD-RW?
a)  Can Write
b)  Can Write and Read
c)  Can Read, write and re-writer
d)  Can only Read
Q.234 Yahoo Messenger is an Example of instant Messaging?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.235 Safari is a Search engine?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.236 Would UPI promote cash transaction?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.237 Should I Create a Password for the pet’s Name?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.238 What is the meaning of N in UMANG App?
a)  New Age
Q.239 What is the Shortcut to Break the page?
a)  Ctrl + Enter
b)  Shift + Enter
c)  Enter
d)  None of these
Q.240 What is the shortcut of print Preview in Libre Office Writer?
a)  Ctrl + Shift + O
b)  Ctrl + Shift + P
c)  Ctrl + F2
d)  Ctrl + P
Q.241 What is the full form of UTR?
a)  Uniquely Transaction Reference
b)  Unique Transfer Reference
c)  Unique Transaction Reference
d)  None
Q.242 ULSI, LSI, VLSI was used in which generation?
a)  First
b)  Second
c)  third
d)  fourth
Q.243 Which network connects countries, cities, world?
a)  WAN
b)  LAN
c)  MAN
d)  PAN
Q.244 Solve Max where A1 to A3 range. The
a)  =max (A1:A3)
b)  =max (A1,A3)
c)  =max (A1-A3)
d)  =max (A1*A3)
Q.245 Find = quotient (5,2)?
a)  2
b)  3
c)  6
d)  8
Q.246 What is the minimum age to open a Face book account?
a)  12
b)  13
c)  14
d)  18
Q.247 What is Olx?
a)  E Goverence
b)  E Commerce
c)  E Mail
d)  None
Q.248 What is the full form of PAN in Computer?
a)  Permanent Account Number
b)  Personal Area Network
c)  Permanent Area Network
d)  None
Q.249 What is the Shortcut key to Selected Column?
a)  Shift + Spacebar
b)  Ctrl + Spacebar
c)  Shift + +
d)  Ctrl + +
Q.250 What happens by clicking left and moving on all the slides?
a)  Moving
b)  Selection
c)  dragging
d)  None
Q.251 How much amount can be transferred by Bhima App in maximum 1 day?
a)  10000
b) 20000
c) 40000
d) 100000
Q.252 What is phone pe?
a)  e wallet
b) Nic card
c) Messenger
d) All of above
Q.253 what is the shortcut key for thesaurus in writer?
a)  Ctrl+F7
b) F7
c) Shift+F5
d) F5
Q.254 What is the full form of RDS?
a) Remote Desktop Server
b) Reboot Desktop Services
c) Remote desktop service
d) none
Q.255 What do you see at the bottom of Ms word & writer?
a) Status Bar
b) Title bar
c) Task bar
d) Menu bar
Q.256 How much in the UPI pin?
a) 8
b) 6
c) 4 to 6
d) 4
Q.257 In which generation LAN, MAN, WAN was used?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) fourth
Q.258 Who create IC ?
a) Jack Kilby
b) Bill Gates
c) Mark Anderson
d) Harman Hallorat
Q.259 AI (Artificial Intelligence) is related to which generation?
a) Sixth generation
b) Fifth generation
c) First generation
d) Third generation

Q.260 Where does word count in Libre office?
a) Title bar
b) Status bar
c) Task bar
d) none
Q.261 When NEFT is established?
a) Nov 2005
b) Nov 2006
c) Non 2007
d) Non 2008
Q.262 which of the following is a cyber attack?
a) Phishing
b) MiTm
c) Reply attack
d) Wire sniffing
Q.263 .gov, .edu, .nic, are called?
a) Domain Name extension
b) Domain name
c) File extension
d) IP address
Q.264 Full from of EEPROM?
a) Electrical erasable read-only memory
b) Electronic erasable read-only memory
c) Electrically erasable read-only memory
d) none
Q.265 We can use gmail.. Can use gmail….?
a) 24*7
b) Only on Monday
c) Weekly
d) Yearly
Q.266 Can’t zoom libreoffice calc max?
a) 200
b) 300
c) 400
d) 500
Q.267 Calc is also called in Libre Office?
Q.268 Whom do we do to protect e-mail?
Ans- PGP, Password
Q.269 IE stand for?
Ans- Internet explorer,1995
Q.270 How many worksheet on Libreoffice scale by default
Ans- one
Q.271 Minimum font size in Libreoffice writer?
Ans- Min 2, Maximum 999.9
Q.272 First web browser?
Ans- www
Q.273 How many part of e-mail id?
Ans- two
Q.274 What is firewall?
Ans- Hardware or Software
Q.275 Keylogger is a ……….?
Ans- Spyware
Q.276 Full form of IFSC code?
Ans- Indian Financial System code, 11 digit
Q.277 For which card we pay advance payment?
Ans- Prepaid Card
Q.278 IMEI no. is used for?
Ans- Identify valid devices
Q.279 Full form of EBCID?
Ans- Extended Binary Coded
Decimal Interchange code
Q.280 Twitter in which type of site?
Ans- Micro blogging
Q.281 =Ceiling (120,11)???
Ans- 121
Q.282 What is the shortcut key of auto correct?
Ans- Alt+F7
Q.283 Normal view is in which menu?
Ans- View menu
Q.284 Shortcut key for reach to last edit cell in LibreOffice calc?
Ans- Ctrl+End
Q.285 Domain name for Education Institutions?
Ans- .edu
Q.286 Strikethrough is from which menu?
Ans- Format
Q.287 Which memory in CPU?
Ans- Registers
Q.288 which app we use for search place & directions?
Ans- Google map
Q.289 Key for reaching beginning of the line in libreoffice writer?
Ans- Home
Q.289 Shortcut key for permanent delete any file without send it recyclebin?
Ans- Shift+Del
Q.290 E-wallet use for?
Ans- Digital Payment
Q.291 MMID code has how many numbers?
Ans- Mobile Money Identifier, 7 Digit
Q.292 IMPAS full form?
Ans- Immediate Payment Service
Q.293 Full form of IP?
Ans- Internet protocol
Q.294 Instagram is related to ?
Ans- Facebook
Q.295 When we hide a slide on power point is it deleted from file?
Ans- False
Q.296 Folders are Directories?
Ans- True
Q.297 can you send message by writing message without subject in message
Ans- True
Q.298 Libre office is an application software?
Ans- True
Q.299 QR code is available in phone pe?
Ans- True
Q.300 One of the item is not related with net-banking
a)  RTGS
b)  ECS
c)  NEFT
Q.301 On a libre Calc spreadsheet the active cell indicated by
a)  A blinking Border
b)  A dotted Border
c)  A dark wide border
d)  By italic text
Q.302 “To promote digital transaction, an upgraded UPI for banks is being proposed, what is UPI?
a)  None of mentioned
b)  United payment Interface
c)  Unified Payment interface
d)  Unitary payment interface
Q.303 How many worksheet are available by default in a libre spreadsheet?
a)  3
b)  1
c)  4
d)  2
Q.304 Which social networking media allows you to tweet your opinions?
a)  Instagram
b)  Linkedin
c)  Twitter
d)  Messenger
Q.305 From where can we set the timing for each object
a)  Format, animation
b)  Slide Show, slide transition
c)  View, animation
d)  Slide show, custom
Q.306 Which shortcut key is used to open a new libre spreadsheet document?
a)  Ctrl+N
b)  F1
c)  Ctrl+Shift+N
d)  Shift+N
Q.307 The symbol “@” is known as
a)  A
b)  At
c)  And
d)  aspect

Q.308 The user can close the libre spreadsheet by pressing the
a)  Ctrl+Shift+E
b)  Ctrl+H
c)  Ctrl+Q
d)  Ctrl+T
Q.309 Which of the following is used or international monetary transfer?
a)  None of the options
c)  NEFT
d)  RTGS
Q.310 Linux address space defines virtual address space that is assigned to
a)  Process
b)  Virtual memory
c)  Processor
d)  Main memory
Q.311 Which function allow you to temporarily show a hidden window by clicking on its edge.
a)  Auto hide
b)  Auto fill
c)  Auto run
d)  Auto show
Q.312 What is primary requirement of EDI (Electronic data interchange)
a)  Requires a corporate internet
b)  Requires a value added network
c)  Require an extract
d)  internet
Q.313 Twitter is an example of what type of servies?
a)  Vlogging
b)  Programming
c)  Micro blogging
d)  bloggin
Q.314 Which command is created an empty file is file does not exist?
a)  Ed
b)  Read
c)  Cat
d)  touch

Q.315 The contents of root files system is responsible to
a)  Restart the system
b)  Change the system
c)  Shut down the system
d)  Boot the system
Q.316 In linux which of following command do you use to know the purpose of a command?
a)  Purpose
b)  What
c)  Which
d)  Whatis
Q.317 A live video can be streamed on
a)  Facebook
b)  Twitte
d)  CRIS
Q.318 “Malware” is abbreviated as
a)  Adware
b)  Multicast software
c)  Malicious software
d)  Malicious diagnostiware
Q.319 Which of the following OS is not based on Linux?
a)  BSD
b)  Redhat
c)  centOs
d)  Ubuntu
Q.320 MQTT is …………. Protocol.
a)  Machine to machine and internet of things
b)  Machine thing
c)  Internet of things
d)  Machine to machine
Q.321 The eligible criteria for the banks  ho can participate in upi is that the bank should have approval form rbi for the mobile banking services and also should live on …..
a)  CTS
b)  IMPS
c)  BBPS
d)  AEPS
Q.322 Full form of RTGS is
a)  Real time Gain settlement
b)  Real time gross settlement
c)  Real time gross settlement
d)  Random time gross settlement
Q.323 The UAMNG app is developed by?
a)  Ministry of I.T.
b)  Ministry of Defence
c)  Ministry of finance
d)  meITY and NeGD
Q.234 Which command is used to bring the background process to foreground?
a)  Bg
b)  fg
c)  Background
d)  foreground
Q.335 process information in the current shell can be obtained by using
a)  Bg
b)  Kill
c)  ps
d)  fg
Q.336 Default template in impress presentation is
a)  Image only
b)  Content only
c)  Title and content
d)  Title only
Q.337 What is the shortcut key of superscript
a)  Ctrl+shift+P
b)  Ctrl+shift+D
c)  Shift+P
d)  Ctrl+P
Q.338 Which of the following command is used to access an SMB share on linux system?
a)  Smbserver
b)  SMD
c)  NFS
d)  Smbclient
Q.339 Which search engine used in China?
a)  Google
b)  Baidu
c)  Bing
d)  Yahoo
Q.340 The maximum Tweet size in twitter is 280 character.
a)  True
b)  false
Q.341 A robot’s “arm” is also known as its:
a)  Actuator
b)  End effectors
c)  Manipulator
d)  Servo mechanism
Q.342 Which of the following is default media player in ubuntu
a)  VLC
b)  Shot-well
c)  Rhythm box
d)  PLC
Q.343 Which of the following is not best described about industry 4.0
a)  Prediction
b)  Analysis
c)  Speed
d)  Smart factory
Q.344 Shortcut key to move to next sheet in libreoffice calc.
a)  Page down
b)  Ctrl+page down
c)  None of the options
d)  Shift+ page down
Q.345 What will be the result of =ceiling(97,7)
a)  -98
b)  91
c)  98
d)  -91
Q.346 QR code was developed by which corporation
a)  Fujitsu
b)  Sony
c)  Denso wave
d)  Microsoft
Q.347 IDS stand for
a)  Integration Detection service
b)  Intrusion Development Service
c)  Integrated development system
d)  Intrusion detection system
Q.348 Shortcut to open function wizard in calc
a)  Ctrl+F9
b)  Ctrl+F5
c)  Ctrl+F2
d)  Ctrl+F8
Q.349 Application software
a)  Used to make design only
b)  Performs specific task for computer users
c)  Designed to help programmers
d)  Used to controls the operating system

Q.350 Which of the following is not a part of a job control facilities
a)  Related a job to the background
b)  Bring it back to the foreground
c)  Create a new job
d)  Kill a job
Q.351 If an operator is missing from the formula then error message displayed is
a)  540
b)  509
c)  404
d)  507
Q. 352 IVR can be accessed through?
a)  Book
b)  Images
c)  Text
d)  phones
Q.353 What does NASSCOM stand for?
a)  National Association of Software and Software Company
b)  National Association of Software and Services control
c)  National Association of Software and Services Companies
d)  National Association of Services and
software control 
Q.354 Who founded MySpace?
a)  Tom Anderson
b)  Mark Andressen
c)  Will Dewolfe
d)  Rupert mardoch
Q.355 Which operation are performed by RAM
a)  Read and write
b)  Write
c)  Read
d)  Depends on computer
Q.356 What command is used to add printing jobs to the queue?
a)  Ipq
b)  Ipr
c)  Ipd
d)  IIpd
Q.357 What is the Artificial Intelligence?
a)  Making a machine intelligent
b)  Programming with your own intelligence
c)  Playing a game
d)  Putting your intelligence into computer

Q.358 The Initial State and successor function implicitly define state space of the problem
a)  Initial state
b)  State space
c)  Final state
d)  Problem space
Q.359 Which of the following is not system V IPC?
a)  Shared memory
b)  FIFO
c)  Semaphores
d)  Message queues

Q.360 AEPS stand for?
a) Annual Premium Equivalent System
b) Aadhaar enabled Payment system
c)  Aadhar Premium Enabled System
d) Aadhar Payment Enabled System
Q.361 ODF stand for?
a) Open document format
b) Old document format
c)  Open source document format
d) None
Q.362 CARD stands for?
a)  Computer Aided Research And Development
b) Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development
c)  Cumulative Action for Rural Development
d) All

Q.363 What is the full form IM?
a)  Internet Member
b) Instant Messaging
c)  Including Media
d) None
Q.364 What is the full form of Nasscom?
a)  National Association of Software and Serving Computer
b)  National Association of Software and Server computer
c)  National Association of Software and Services Companies
d)  None of these

Q.365 What is U in UPI?
a) Unified
b) University
c)  Universal
d) Unique
Q.366 What is the full form of ATM?
a)  Automated Teller Machine
b)  Automatic Teller machine
c)  Automatic transmission money
d)  Automatic transfer of money
Q.367 What is the full form of CC?
a)  Carbon copy
b)  Carbon Code
c)  Character Code
d)  None
Q.368 What is the full of IP?
a)  Internet protocol
b)  Including Protocol
c)  International Protocol
d)  None
Q.369 BFD stand for ….?
a)  Best Finger Detection
b)  Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
c)  Binary file Descriptor
d)  All of above MANOJ KU
Q.370 AEPS stand for ?
a)  Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
b)  Aadhaar Electronic Payment System
c)  Advanced enabled Payment System
d)  None
Q.371 What is the full form of IMPS?
a)  Immediate Payment Service
b)  Immediate Fund Transfer Service
c)  Interested Payment Service
d)  A & b both
Q.372 What is the full form of USSD?
a)  Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
b)  Unstable Supplementary Service Data
c)  Under Supplementary Service Data
d)  None

Q.373 LibreOffice have many software?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.374 LibreOffice Writer- What is the shortcut key of a hyperlink?
a)  Ctrl+H
b)  Ctrl+K
c)  Ctrl+L
d)  Ctrl+Shift+H
Q.375 First search engine?
a)  Archie
b)  Yahoo
c)  Altavista
d)  Google
Q.376 Which is the first electronic computer?
b)  Difference Engine
d)  None
Q.377 What is the minimum zoom size in Libreoffice impress?
a)  5%
b)  15%
c)  10%
d)  20%
Q.378 What is Facebook?
a)  Search engine
b)  Browser
c)  Messenger
d)  Social media
Q.379 Is there the same function of Ctrl+F in LibreOffice as in Ms office?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.380 Which side removes the character from the Backspace key?
a)  Right
b)  Left
c)  Both
d)  None
Q.381 Shortcut key for new slide?
a)  Ctrl+N
b)  Ctrl+M
c)  Ctrl+D
d)  all
Q.382 Which search engine run in China?
a)  Baidu
b)  Google
c)  Yahoo
d)  Binb
Q.383 What is the shortcut to redo in LibreOffice Writer?
a)  Ctrl+Y
b)  Ctrl+Z
c)  Ctrl+R
d)  Ctrl+Shift+R

Q.384 Where will I get the deleted email?
a)  Trash Mail
b)  Sent mail
c)  Inbox
d)  Outbox
Q.385 With whom is Instagram related ?
a)  Google
b)  Microsoft
c)  Facebook
d)  Twitter
Q.386 Left Alignment is done by which key?
a)  Ctrl+L
b)  Ctrl+A
c)  Ctrl+Shift+L
d)  None
Q.387 What is a clipboard?
a)  A type of board
b)  Copied or cut character are saved
c)  Hardware
d)  software
Q.388 What is light pen?
a)  Input device
b)  Output device
c)  A king of pen
d)  None of these
Q.389 Bluetooth is a network?
a)  PAN
b)  LAN
c)  WAN
d)  MAN
Q.390 QR code bar is maximum digit?
a)  7089
b)  4296
c)  2953
d)  None
Q.391 How many digits are there in IMEI number?
a)  15
b)  13
c)  12
d)  10

Q.392 Use OTP?
a)  Secure login
b)  Secure Money Transfer
c)  Secure Online Transaction
d)  All of the above
Q.393 What is the shortcut key to save as libreoffice sheet?
a)  Ctrl+Shift+F
b)  Ctrl+Shift+S
c)  Ctrl+F2
d)  None
Q.394 QR code is used?
a)  Bank account information
b)  To log in to a website
c)  To transfer money
d)  All of above
Q.395 The shortcut key to insert formula in cell is?
a)  Ctrl+F2
b)  Shift+F3
c)  Both
d)  None
Q.396 Which of the following memory accesses the fastest?
a)  Register Memory
b)  Cache Memory
c)  Storage memory
d)  Virtual memory
Q.397 GIGO is related to ?
a)  Accuracy
b)  Automatic
c)  Flexibility
d)  None
Q.398 How many bit in ASSCII?
a)  8 bit
b)  16 bit
c)  7 bit
d)  64 bit
Q.399 Can a computer have more than one operating system?
a)  True
b)  False
Q.400 What is the meaning of Sin HTTPs?
a)  Security
b)  Server
c)  Secure
d)  Serial
Q.401 Who is the father of artificial intelligence?
a)  Allen Newell
b)  Fisher Ada
c)  Alan Turing
d)  Von-Nueman
Q.402 Who founded the FSF?
a)  Linus Torvalds
b)  Richard Stallman
c)  Bob Young
d)  Mark Allen
Q.403 Which of these is not example of social networking
a)  Linkedln
b)  Twitter
c)  We Chart
d)  Amazon
Q.404 A device that converts a analog signal to digital signal is
a)  P2M
b)  PWM
c)  DAC
d)  ADC
Q.405 In which year was the very first internet only bank founded
a)  1992
b)  2000
c)  1996
d)  1995
Q.406 The maximum tweet size in twitter is 280 character.
a)  True
b)  false
Q.407 Which of the following is default media player in ubuntu
a)  VLC
b)  Shot-well
c)  Rhythm box
d)  PLC
Q.408 Visual clues that are help in computer vision include:
a)  Color and motion, depth and texture
b)  Color and motion
c)  Depth and texture
d)  Height and weight
Q.409 PNR status is available to the user through ____?
a)  CRIS
Q.410 What will be the result of =round(17576,-5)
a)  9
b)  7
c)  0
d)  6
Q.411 The first phase of hacking and IT system is compromise of which foundation of security?
a)  Integrity
b)  Authentication
c)  Availability
d)  Confidentiality
Q.412 Full form of TFT is
a)  Tabular File transaction
b)  Thin File transaction
c)  Thin film transistor
d)  Thick film transistor
Q.413 Which of these is not available in paste special
a)  Formulas
b)  Graph
c)  Values
d)  Numbers
Q.414 In ubuntu we press and hold super key to:
a)  None of the option
b)  See all short cuts
c)  Turn off the pc
d)  Restart the pc
Q.415 USSD was launched by
a)  Bank of Baroda
b)  Union bank of India
c)  SBI
d)  RBI
Q.416 Which of the following is word processing software
a)  Libre Base
b)  Libre Calc
c)  Libre math
d)  Libre Office Writer

Q.417 Robot is derived from Czech word….
a)  Ribota
b)  Rebota
c)  Rabota
d)  Robota
Q.418 Which digital payment company announced a new feature QR code on its app?
a)  PayPal
b)  Paytm
c)  Payoneer
d)  PayU
Q.419 The command chmod 761 letter is equivalent to
a)  Chmod 4=7, g=6, o=1 letter
b)  Chmod 167 letter
c)  Chmod a 761 letter
d)  Chmod u = rwx, g =rw, o =x letter
Q.420 Receiving money from the UPI system is called
a)  Null
b)  Pull
c)  Full
d)  Received
Q.421 In vi editor, which command reads the content of another file?
a)  Rex
b)  R
c)  Ex
d)  read
Q.422 Udemy, coursera, edx are example of
a)  Web portal
b)  E-commerce
c)  E-learning
d)  Social networking
Q.423 The mails that are not sent due to communication issues, are stored temporarily in:
a)  Sent
b)  Inbox
c)  Outbox
d)  None of these
Q.424 Total no of run level in a linux system
a)  8
b)  5
c)  7
d)  6
Q.425 Proc files are
a)  Read only files
b)  Execute files
c)  Both read write and Read-only files
d)  Read-writes files
Q.426 The term cryptography is
a)  Theft of software
b)  Fraud
c)  Artificial intelligence
d)  Secret writer
Q.427 USSD works on
a)  GSM
b)  TDM
c)  Radio frequency
d)  Microwave
Q.428 What does 3D means?
a)  3D display
b)  Movies
c)  3 dimension
d)  Computer graphics
Q.429 Surfing clearly means to:
a)  Watching online videos
b)  Moving among websites
c)  Downloading files
d)  Uploading a file
Q.430 Peer to peer and clientserver architectures are the same
a)  True
b)  False
Q.431 Which command is used to show process hierarchy in tree format?
a)  Ptree
b)  Ps-tree
c)  Ps-t
d)  Pstree
Q.432 What is file extension of Libre spreadsheet document?
a)  .ODS
b)  .ODT
c)  .OBT
d)  .ODF

Q.433 In wildcard specification ‘?’ is used as replacement for
a)  Two character
b)  One character
c)  Three character
d)  None of these
Q.434 Which command show all the abbreviation in vi editor?
a)  Show
b)  Avv
c)  ab
d)  abb
Q.435 Which of these companies do not manufacture 3D printer?
a)  Michelin
b)  General electrical
c)  Apple
d)  HP
Q.436 How long video can be recorded on Instagram?
a)  None of these
b)  5 to 10 seconds only
c)  3 to 60 seconds only
d)  10 to 30 seconds only
Q.437 RSA stand for
a)  Roger, Shamir, Adrian
b)  Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
c)  Rivest, shaw, Adleman
d)  Robert, Shamir, Anthoney
Q.438 Isaac Asimov, a Columbia university alumni, coined the term Robotics.
a)  True
b)  False
Q.439 What is the advantage of LAN?
a)  Back up of data
b)  Access the web
c)  Share peripherals
d)  Save data
Q.440 Protocols are, set of the rule to govern
a)  Metropolitan communication
b)  None of these
c)  Communication
d)  Standards
Q.441 Which of the following is not a valid shell in Linux?
a)  Z shell
b)  Net shell
c)  C shell
d)  Bash shell
Q.442 What is the use of filter in calc
a)  Copy data
b)  Making chart
c)  See only specific data
d)  Arrange data
Q.443 The latest google chrome is capable of printing webpage in which format?
a)  Rtf
b)  Doc
c)  Pdf
d)  Docx
Q.444 In cryptography, original message, before being transformed, is called
a)  Simple text
b)  Filled text
c)  Empty text
d)  Plain text
Q.445 The permission –rwxr-rrepresented in octal expression will be
a)  744
b)  666
c)  711
d)  777
Q.446 NABARD has been established on the
recommendation of
a)  Shivaraman committee
b)  Tandon committee
c)  Narasimhan committee
d)  Talwar commitee
Q.447 What is the shortcut of ruler in libre office writer
a)  Alt+Shift+R
b)  Ctrl+Shift+R
c)  Shift+R
d)  Alt+R
Q.448 IMEI uniquely identifies personal computer?
a)  False
b)  True
Q.449 Operating system kernel must be located in?
a)  /dev directory
b)  /boot
c)  /root
d)  /etc
Q.450 MAC address is of …… size.
a)  32 bit
b)  128 bit
c)  48 bit
d)  64 bit
Q.451 What is the name of new built in browser In Ubuntu?
a)  Firefox
b)  Cortana
c)  Edge
d)  Opera
Q.452 Which one is not listed in goals of information security
a)  Response
b)  Detection
c)  Prevention
d)  Inspection
Q.453 What term describe a background that appear as a grainy, non smooth surface
a)  Pattern
b)  Velvet
c)  Gradient
d)  Texture
Q.454 What is sed?
a)  A hex editor
b)  Used to replace the text in a file
c)  A non interactive stream editor
d)  An IDE
Q.455 What is the maximum zoon in of libre writer
a)  500
b)  600
c)  700
d)  550
Q.456 Which of the following is not a transition effect
a)  Blinks diagonal
b)  Blinds vertical
c)  Fade through black
d)  dissolve
Q.457 An electronic check is one form of what?
a)  E-check
b)  Check
c)  Online banking
d)  E-commerce
Q.458 Comparative operator for equality is?
a)  +=
b)  =
c)  ==
d)  = =
Q.459 Sending money on UPI is called
a)  Push
b)  Sent
c)  Drop
d)  Pop
Q.460 When was the commercial paper (CP) introduced in India?
a)  1990
b)  1992
c)  1989
d)  1991
Q.461 In the logo of twitter, there is a:
a)  Deer
b)  Bird
c)  Fox
d)  Cat
Q.462 A process whose parent process no more exists
a)  Orphan
b)  Exist
c)  Zombie
d)  Child
Q.463 Application communication with kernel by using shell
a)  Shell
b)  Shell script
c)  C program
d)  System calls
Q.464 What is called when I need to move an object in 3d?
a)  Movie
b)  Translate
c)  Push
d)  Grab
Q.465 Maximum number of columns in a libre spreadsheet is?
a)  AMJ
b)  ASP
c)  AJM
d)  MMA
Q.466 What script is run for setting bash global defaults for all user?
a)  /etc/.log
b)  /etc/.profile
c)  /etc/profile
d)  /etc/.bashrc
Q.467 What is colloquial name for Paypal?
a)  Virtual wallet
b)  Online wallet
c)  None of them
d)  Cash online
Q.468 “New Innovation” is
a)  Forensic
b)  The use of artificial intelligence
c)  Drawback of AI
d)  Thept of AI
Q.469 POS needed for payment
a)  Biometric
b)  Card and pin
c)  Password
d)  CVV and expiry date
Q.470 The very new web browser given in window 10 is:
a)  Edge
b)  Safari
c)  Internet explorer
d)  opera
Q.471 What material is not available in 3D printing yet?
a)  Ceramic
b)  Titanium
c)  The plastic ABS
d)  Diamond
Q.472 What is the potential danger in downloading free anti-spyware?
a)  It has limited use
b)  None of these
c)  It might actually contain spyware that track your online activity
d)  It might not really be for free
Q.473 What is the transaction limit per day using BHIM?
a)  50000
b)  20000
c)  30000
d)  40000
Q.474 eScan Anti-virus toolkit is supported by which of the following operating system?
a)  Linux
b)  Mac
c)  Windows
d)  Android
Q.475 The work done on the internet is called
a)  Surfing
b)  Gambling
c)  Hosting
d)  Typing
Q.476 In which year RTGS in India?
a)  2006
b)  2005
c)  2003
d)  2004
Q.477 Core of Linux operating system is
a)  Command
b)  Terminal
c)  Kernel
d)  Shell
Q.478 Extension of Libreoffice writer file is
a)  .toc
b)  .odt
c)  .ods
d)  None of the option
Q.479 Extension of Libreoffice Calc file is
a)  .odt
b)  .odp
c)  .odp
d)  .ods
Q.480 Extension of Libreoffice impress file is
a)  .odt
b)  .odp
c)  .odx
d)  None of these

Q.481 To hide information inside a picture, what technology is used?
a)  Bitmapping
b)  Image rendering
c)  Rootkits
d)  Stenography
Q.482 Where do you store your crypto currency ?
a)  Bank account
b)  E-wallet
c)  Floppy disk
d)  In you pocket
Q.483 Which option is used in google chrome for private browsing?
a)  Secure window
b)  Spy window
c)  Private window
d)  Incognito window
Q.484 What is the short cut key for making libre office writer in full screen mode
a)  Ctrl+shift+J
b)  Ctrl+Shift+F3
c)  Ctrl+Shift+D
d)  Ctrl+Shift+F
Q.485 Which of the following command is used to suspend a job?
a)  Bg
b)  Ctrl-Z
c)  Ctrl-Q
d)  $
Q.486 What is the minimum age to create a facebook account?
a)  13
b)  15
c)  14
d)  12
Q.487 Which command is used to display the operating system name
a)  Kernel
b)  Name
c)  Osname
d)  uname

Q.488 What is the transaction chargesfor the RTGS amounting between 2 lakh to 5 lakhs?
a)  25
b)  30
c)  50
d)  100
Q.489 In which menu toolbar and zoom lies
a)  File menu
b)  Data menu
c)  Tool menu
d)  View menu
Q.490 What is the maximum zoom out in libre writer?
a)  25
b)  10
c)  30
d)  20
Q.491 Which one is not a function in spreadsheet?
a)  AVG()
b)  MIN()
c)  MAX()
d)  SUM()
Q.492 A song being played on computer speaker is
a)  Neither hard nor soft output
b)  Hard output
c)  Both hard and soft output
d)  Soft output
Q.493 Primary storage is the part of the  omputer the temporarily stores program instruction and data being used by the instructions
a)  TRUE
Q.494 Which features included in libreoffice impress software that allows the user to see all
the slides in a single window
 a)  Reading view
b)  Slide sorter
c)  Slide master
d)  Handout master
Q.495 UTS stand for?
a)  Unreserved Ticketing Schedule
b)  Unreserved Ticketing system
c)  Unreserved tracking System
d)  Unreserved Transfer system
Q.496 What is the short cut key for creating table in libre office writer?
a)  Ctrl+F12
b)  Shift+F12
c)  Ctrl+F9
d)  Shift+F9
Q.497 User threads are supported above kernel and managed without
a)  Operating system
b)  Kernel support
c)  Register
d)  Memory
Q.498 An electronic page in libre office impress is called
a)  e-slide
b)  Slide
c)  Page
d)  E-page
Q.499 Mouse contain how many buttons
a)  Two
b)  One
c)  Four
d)  three
Q.500 Special effect used to introduced slides a presentation are called
a)  Effects
b)  Present animation
c)  Custom animation
d)  transition

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