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Using Bitmaps Menu in Corel Draw 12 Complete English Notes | How to Use CorelDRAW 12 Menu Bar


Description of Bitmaps Menu

In this, after converting any graphics to bitmap, you can give many effects as in the image above. And yes it does not work until we convert a graphic. Either we convert the graphic or take a jpg, png, bmp, image only then we can use all the effects of this menu.

Note-: Use it by yourself so that you can understand its effect. Still giving some options here.
1. Convert to Bitmap With its help, you can use any graphic created after converting it to a bitmap. And unless a graphic is converted to a bitmap, you cannot use the option of the Bitmaps menu.

2. Edit Bitmap With this help, the converted bitmap is used to edit with the help of Corel Photo Paint.

3. Crop Bitmap With this help you can crop a bitmap picture.

4. Trace Bitmap With the help of this option, any image file is used to create a soft copy of Corel Draw by tracing the help image of Corel Trace software. After trace, you can make any changes in it.

5. Resample With the help of this option, any bitmap is used to increase the resolution of any image file. Note: Keep in mind that only the pixel will decrease and the image size will not increase.

6. Mode Use to set the mode in which you want to put your bitmap file.

7. Inflate Bitmap With its help, bitmaps are used to increase the pixels of the image.

8. Bitmap Color Mask With this help, we remove a single background and use it to make Transparent.

Now you can use all the options after this by yourself because now the options with effects are left.

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