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Using Tools Menu in Corel Draw 12 Complete English Notes | How to Use CorelDRAW 12 Menu Bar


Description of Tools Menu 

1. Options / Customization Use these two to change the settings, commands, etc. in the software. And through this you can also assign your command to run from shortcut key.

2. Color Management Through this colors are managed and color can be selected according to the quality. RGB, HSB, CMYK are the main ones.

3. Save Settings As Default It is used to change the changed settings in the software as before.

  • Note Save Settings as default followed by 7 options which are Object Manager, Object Data Manager, View Manager, Link Manager, Undo Docker, Internet Bookmarks Manager, Color Style. All these are used to bring Docker. And after bringing Docker you can control the tools and settings.
4. Palette Editor Through this, you use to change the color in Corel Draw and with this you can set the preset as well.

5. Graphic and Text Styles It is used for text style. In this, you have to apply the settings after selecting the text. Similarly, we can apply any object.

6. Scrapbook Through this, you use to insert any clipart and insert any clipart through the Internet.

7. Create Inside it you will find 3 options Arrow, Character, Pattern, all three are used separately. Arrow uses any shape drawn on the page through it to create an arrow. You have to use it in an arrow option in a straight line or smooth line. Character also has the same function as Arrow but it will only apply to the font you have created.

8. Run Script It is used for script code that is related to binary systems.

9. Visual Basic Visual Basic This is a small VBS software that is very useful, you also get it in MS Office. It is used in the Developer menu to record the current work, as soon as you start the record this VBA program. It will run and is recording the command you are doing, after all the work is done you have to stop by clicking the stop button again. If you want to run and then you have to go to play and select your recorded macro and press the run button, as soon as you press the button your graphic will be created by taking a small load.

Note VBA is like a command which has a different code. The macro you record is recorded as a code as you can see in the image below.

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