O Level M1-R5 July Part A All Answers | Multiple Choice, True False, Matching, Fill in The Blank


O Level M1-R5 July Part A All Answers

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. You can add words not available in Word dictionary to :
    1. My Dictionary
    2. User Dictionary
    3. Custom Dictionary
    4. Live Dictionary
  2. Portrait is used to refer to page orientationb which is :
    1. vertical
    2. horizontal
    3. flip
    4. upside down
  3. "Passport Seva" website is :
  4. ORS Stand for :
    1. Open Resource System
    2. Online Registration System
    3. Open Reform System
    4. Open Repair System
  5. UMMANG is integrated with :
    1. Aadhar and Digilocker
    2. Aadhar or Digilocker
    3. Digilocker only
    4. Aadhar only
  6. Which box overflows with emails generally :
    1. Inbox
    2. Outbox
    3. AddressBox
    4. Messagebox
  7. Gmail is a software used to :
    1. Search web pages
    2. Check Emails
    3. Find hotels
    4. Search Files
  8. What is the minimum age to join Facebook?
    1. 18 Years
    2. 15 Years
    3. 13 Years
    4. 10 Years
  9. When was Twitter launched ?
    1. 01-03-2006
    2. 01-04-2006
    3. 01-10-2006
    4. 01-12-2006
  10. Which option helps us to send the same letter to diffrent persons ?
    1. Mail Merge
    2. Macros
    3. Multiple Letter
    4. Template

True False

  1. Bullets is a feature that lets you create an unordered lists in word. TRUE
  2. To capitalize the first letter of sentence and leave all other letters as lowecase, click lowercase. FALSE
  3. The name of the open document display in the status bar. FALSE
  4. Data in table can only be arranged in ascending order. FALSE
  5. You can easily add or delete text in table TRUE
  6. Word first identifies grammatical errors and then spelling errors. FALSE
  7. Facebook allows a user to post stories which lives for 24 hours. TRUE
  8. Like an email, tweets in a Twitter can not be forwarded. FALSE
  9. Outbox is a location where the sent mails are stored. FALSE
  10. is not a valid site for passport services in Inida. FALSE

Match Column X with Y

  1. Core2Duo is a type of (J) Processor
  2. MS Office is a (A) Utility Software Package Note: Answer not Mentioned
  3. Open Office and AbiWorld (F) OSS (Full form of OSS is Open Source Software)
  4. Pendrive? Note: Answer not Mentioned
  5. BHIM mobile app (K) Money Transfer
  6. Compiler is and example of (B) System Software
  7. L1 (D) Primary Cache
  8. Key to permanently delete the file Without sending it to the recycle bin (H) Shift+Del
  9. Layout style (M) Portrait
  10. To create hanging indent in a word document (E) CTRL+T

Fill in The Blanks

  1. The most common input devices are the ________. (A) KEYBOARD
  2. Hard disk drives are considered_________ storage. (D) NON-VOLATILE
  3. The term __________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality. (L) Peripheral device
  4. ________ is a painting and drawing (H) MOUSE
  5. (n)__________ camera is a peripheral device used to capture still images in a digital format (I) DIGITAL
  6. A________ can make easier to play games. (K) JOYSTICK
  7. In Windows operating system, the clock is visible on the _______ (J) TASK BAR
  8. In order to copy formmating features from source point to destination _________ is used. (E) FORMAT PAINTER
  9. All the deleted files or folders goes to the _________. (F) RECYCLE BIN
  10. To make a window wider, you would move the pointer until it changes to the horizontal Resize shape and then _________. (C) DRAG

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