5 Advantages of Using Text Editor Tools for Free


5 Advantages of Using Text Editor Tools for Free

Editing tools have become an essential for writers around the globe. These online utilities allow writers to work on the go and help them formulate good content.

But, what exactly are online text editors? These web-based programs allow writers to change, write, or edit content.

While most of their kind is on their websites, they can be found in the shape of mobile apps as well.
This leniency and mobility of the program allow writers to access it from anywhere. Then, through their various formatting and correctional offers, they help you write content in a thorough format.

But, what exactly requires a writer to use these? Aren’t Microsoft Word and its accomplices enough? To understand the importance of text editor tools for free, we have to dig deeper. So, let’s dig in.

    5 Benefits of Using Online Text Editors

    Online text editors make life easy. However, not a lot of people are aware of them and choose to use downloaded programs instead. This isn’t a matter of preference, but rather unawareness of online text editors, which can allow them to execute the same things much more conveniently.

    These online text editors feature an array of elements that can help writers, such as formatting, grammar correction, file import, file export, file conversion, etc. Say, if you want to convert a text file into PDF on the go, then using an online text editor can help you do just that.

    But, that’s more of an underlying benefit of using such a program. An online text editors’ primary offering is its ability to write and edit content without you having to install or download it.

    That’s why these programs are ideal for writers who edit and write texts on the go.

    Moreover, some of these tools have their own mobile phone app. This factor alone makes it way more convenient than many downloadable programs.

    In that case, downloading and installing these tools takes a good chunk of time. Whereas in online editors, you have to face no such hassle.

    So, to understand the benefits of using text editors in-depth, let’s dive in and analyse the five main advantages.

    Extensive Free Usage

    As the title suggests, these online text editors are free. If that alone doesn’t make up your mind, then know that these programs allow you to edit text for free for an extensive period. If you are an avid writer or someone with bulk content requirements, you shouldn’t worry.

    Because the free usage will never run out and you can use it as much as you like. Granted, some programs might require some sort of paid premium for access to essential tools. However, most online text editors are free.

    Work On the Go

    If you work remotely or are constantly on the move, these tools are ideal for you. Online text editors are, well, online. They allow you extensive usage through browsers. That means you don’t have to wait for a download or install for you to be able to use them.

    So, working on the go is made easy with these tools, as all you need to do is visit a website with such tools. Then, you can either upload a file or use it to write something from the beginning. Regardless, these tools are ideal for writers constantly on the move.

    Format Content Correctly

    If you’re looking to format existing content, then an online text editor can help you do just that. Since these tools rely a lot on their ability to formulate content, many of the editors give you the means to format content correctly, including headings, subheadings, text types, fonts, etc.

    This factor alone makes it more than worth it for writers. Not only do you save yourself the hassle of buying an expensive program, but you also get to format your content correctly. Moreover, you do it without paying a penny or waiting for any sort of download.

    Online Nature Works Swiftly

    Speaking of downloads, all you need to do is visit the website featuring these tools. Then, you can use them as you wish for whichever content type you like. This swift and online nature of said text editors has benefits for writers of all kinds.

    Students can access it from anywhere or any device to create or format content. Professionals can use them to write or edit the content on the go. In other words, their online nature allows these tools to become just the ideal remote solution for writers of any sort.

    Write Content without Hassle

    If you’re in a hurry to write content, then you may not have the time to wait for downloaded or purchased software. This hassle can cause unwanted delays for academic and professional writers. Moreover, it can also cause the writer to lose inspiration/ideas for their wanted content.

    That’s when online text editors can be lifesavers, as they help you write on the go. Their ability to format and execute content online allows you extensive usage. In turn, this makes for a hassle-free content writing experience. Making these online tools a must-have in any type of writer’s arsenal.

    Which Tools to Use?

    Online text editors for free have many benefits. But, which tools should you be using? Here are four tools you can use:

    Online Text Editor

    Prepostseo’s online text editor is one of the favourites among writers. It allows for a swift experience and let you write content without any hassle. Moreover, its ability to convert files into DOC or PDF is also very convenient.


    EditPad is a fairly new name in the industry, but no less capable. It has quickly become a favorite among students, as it offers numerous services for free. It has all the necessary elements that you need, including a rich text editor for extensive content creation.


    Grammarly doesn’t give you many options for free, but its text editor does help. With free spell-check, you can correct any content on the go, given that you make a free account.

    Google Doc

    Google Docs are another primary source of online collaboration for writers. Making this Google Drive extension an essential tool for any writer today.


    These are the ways an online and free text editor can help writers. So, make sure you pick the right tool for your needs and benefit from it.

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