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The term percentage really matters in every area of life. Percentage is used in discounts in shops, in bank loans, interest rate and in describing marks. Good marks have importance in getting admission in well reputed colleges and in getting scholarships.A higher percentage is achieved by getting good marks in exams. A person can not estimate the efficiency of a child with marks only ,this mark has to be converted into percentages. Although percentages can be manually calculated but for ease of student marks percentage calculator can be used. exam percentage calculator can be used to find percentage on total grades or you can find each subject percentage separately.

What is the percentage?

A percentage is simply defined as the number or ratio represented as a fraction of 100 in mathematics. The percentage sign is given by %. Some abbreviation percentage includes pct. It is a dimensionless figure and has no unit of measurement. The history of the percentage word is linked with the Latin term centum which means hundred. It can also be described as the proportional change of one number over another. It means getting numbers out of total. There are several online tool to calculate percentage such as marks percentage calculator
Percentages are often used in normal daily life. The percentage of votes gained in an election , how many people are employed in a country, and the percentage of marks of total result. Discount is often shown in percentage form on shop items. It can be used to deduce the scientific result of many experiments in percentage form.

Formula to find Percentage of Marks

  • This formula will help you in finding the marks of class 9,10, 11,12 grades.
  • Percentage = (total marks gained / total marks in full ) x 100
  • Total marks gained= sum of all subject marks achieved out of 100 or relevant total mark of a subject
  • Total marks in full= sum of maximum possible marks in each subject

  • For example you received 487 out of 500 the percentage will be 478/500 *100 = 95.6%

Hence with help of marks percentage calculator percentage of result is achieved. There is more advanced form of calculator in result percentage calculator in which subject wise percentage can be calculated. If you adopt an extra subject it can be included in the calculation. Instead of going the complexity of formula simply type the marks in marks percentage calculator

How to Calculate a Number's Percentage?

There are two forms of number or marks for calculating percentage. The first one is in fraction form and the other is in decimal form. The fraction has to be converted into decimal first and multiply by 100 to get the percentage of a number. The decimal number just has to be multiplied by 100. For example if 45/50 is fraction then its decimal would be 0.9 then multiply by 100 to get 90% of fraction. The second method is the decimal one . If you have a number 0.754 and convert into percentage simply multiply 0.754 x 100= 75.4%


A percentage is a mathematical quantity expressed in terms of 100. A percentage is used in comparing two quantities. Percentage has a wide range of applications in everyday life. It is used in business, science and many other fields. They represent the standardised way of expressing proportions which make data easy to understand. Percentages are used for representation of everything from simple comparison to complex calculation. The complex calculation involves the rate of change and growth.

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