O Level Important Points of CSS | Web Designing Important Points for O Level Examination


  1. The external style sheet be written in any text editor but must be saved with a .css extension.
  2. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
  3. Background perorpert is used to define the the background effects on element.
  4. The property in CSS used to change the background color of an element is background-color.
  5. The property in CSS used to change (set) the text color of an element is color.
  6. Inline stylesheet uses the style attribute in the HTML start tag.
  7. border-style property is used to specify the border type which your want to display on the webpage.
  8. position CSS property sets how an element positioned in a document.
  9. fixed value of position always fixes the position of the element relative to the viewport.
  10. padding property is used as the shorthand property for the padding properties.
  11. CSS font-style property is used to specify an italic text.
  12. text-decoration property is used to underline, overline, and strikethrough text.
  13. margin property is used as the shorthand property of the margin properties.
  14. The default value of "position" attribute is relative.
  15. #symbol is used to select an element with a specific ID in CSS.
  16. "." is used for CSS class.
  17. Universal selector is declared by *(Astrick).
  18. border property defines in a shorthand form of the width, style, and color for all four sides of an element's border.
  19. font-family properties is used to change the font of text.
  20. # is used for Hex color Code / ID
  21. margin-left property is used to change ethe left margin of an element.
  22. normal, italic, oblique is a value for font-style property.
  23. font-size CSS property used to control the element's font size.
  24. border spacing is given in Pixel.
  25. border-top property defines a shorthand form of the width, style, and color for the top border.
  26. -webkit is the CSS Extension prefixes for Webkit.
  27. border-right-color property defines the color of an element's right border.
  28. border-right-style properties defines the style for the right border of an element.
  29. word-spacing CSS text properties defines the minimum and maximum space between words.
  30. ,example is used to select the elements with the class name "example".
  31. :first-of-type selector selects the element that is the first child of its parent that is of its type.
  32. border-bottom-left-radius CSS property defining bottom-left corner shape of the border.
  33. border-bottom-width CSS property is used to sets the width of an element's bottom border.
  34. <style>tag{property:value}</style> represents an internal style sheet.
  35. body{font-size:20px;} is the correct CSS syntax written inside the style tag.
  36. Collapse separate and inherit are the appropriate value for border-collapse.
  37. border-collapse CSS property is used for collapsing the borders between table cells.
  38. border-collapes property sets the table borders collapsed into a single border.
  39. border property is used to specify table borders in CSS.
  40. id attribute specifies a unique alphanumeric identifier to be associated with an element.
  41. is used to apply style to para's having class 'style'. (There are other elements with same class name)
  42. You can make all paragraph elements 'RED' in color by using any of the following
    1. p{color:red;}
    2. p{color:rgb(255,0,0);}
    3. p{color:rgba(255,0,0,1);}
  43. background-attachment property is used to control the scrolling of an image in the background.
  44. The output of below mentioned code snippet will be Strong element within a p element have yellow background.
    p strong{background-color:yellow;}
  45. vertical-align:sub is used to specify the subscript of text using CSS.
  46. The correct CSS syntax for making all the <P> elements bold p{font-weight:bold;}
  47. You can use the following code to add a background color for all <h1> elements.
  48. You can make a list that lists iterms with squares in the css by using list-style-type:square property.
  49. text-stroke property is used to add stroke to the text.
  50. You can make each word in a text start with a capital letter by using text-transform:capitalize

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