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Here you can easily create your AI Image First click on Copy and then Click Open Bing now Paste copied text and change name and age and Click on Surpise Me.

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Hanuman Jayanti for Boys

Create a realistic high quality image of Lord Hanuman standing ,there is a 18 year old boy wearing saffron color T-shirt on which Name "AJAY" is written in white bold letters, boy performs pooja in front of lord hanuman, beautiful view just like real, the words “Happy Hanuman janmotsav” Is written at top sky. everything like real, mountain, sunrise, natural view. Make sure text should be correct.

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Hanuman Jayanti for Girls

Create a Realistic Picture of LORD HANUMAN is depicted in meditation. Sitting on a Stone. A Realistic 20 year old girl with yallow Tshirt sprinkles flowers to HANUMAN and performs pooja. "Priya" is written in the Girl Tshirt. The Background features “Happy Hanuman Jayanti” in back wall Light. Background City. HD.

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