Arduino program to Blink a LED | Built in LED Blinking Program


Arduino program to Blink a LED  Built in LED Blinking Program

Components Needs

Component Name Quantity
Arduino Uno R3 1
Any LED 1
220 Ω Resistor 1

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Arduino Program to Blink a Built-in Light Emitting Diode (LED)

This project involves creating an Arduino program to blink the built-in LED on the Arduino board. Most Arduino boards, such as the Arduino Uno, come with a built-in LED connected to digital pin 13. This project is a fundamental exercise for beginners, teaching them how to control digital outputs and use timing functions in Arduino programming.

Here's a brief description of the process:

  • Setup Phase: In the setup function, the built-in LED pin is initialized as an output. This function runs once when the Arduino is powered on or reset.
  • Loop Phase: In the loop function, the LED is turned on and off at regular intervals. This function runs continuously after the setup phase, creating a blinking effect by alternating the LED state with delays in between.

This project introduces the basics of digital output control and timing in Arduino, providing a solid foundation for more complex projects. It demonstrates how to manipulate the built-in hardware of the Arduino board and reinforces core programming concepts in a simple and interactive way.

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