Arduino Program to Create Automatic Street Light using LDR sensor


LDR sensor interface with Arduino

This Arduino project is designed to automate street lighting by utilizing a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) sensor. The system automatically turns on street lights when ambient light levels fall below a certain threshold and turns them off when sufficient daylight is detected. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces the need for manual intervention.

The core components of this project include an Arduino microcontroller, an LDR sensor to measure light intensity, and a relay module to control the street lights. The Arduino continuously monitors the readings from the LDR sensor. When the sensor detects low light levels, the Arduino activates the relay, turning on the street lights. Conversely, when the sensor detects high light levels, the relay is deactivated, turning off the lights.

Components Needs

Component Name Quantity
Arduino Uno R3 1
Photoresistor (LDR) 1
Green LED 1
220 Ω Resistor 1
4.7 kΩ Resistor 1

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